Alex Gustavson, pilot

Name:  Thea Alexandria Gustavson

Age:  23

Height: 5’6”

Weight:  120 lbs.

Skills:  piloting, tinkering things together out of parts that should never have met, gardening, hamster rustling

Companions:  hamster Huey



'Alex' grew up on a water planet.  It was home to a million tiny islands in a sea of green.  Her family harvested salt on the shores and hunted spirit globes and devil rays deeper off shore.  She spent her early life wave running and dodging the electrical storms that sprang up with alarming irregularity.  It was a fairly carefree life despite the hard work and dangers and she thrived.  That all changed when the war came.  Her older brother and father both went off to fight.  Her father, eventually, for the Independents and her brother for the Alliance.  And when it was over, everything was different.  Her father was returned to them in an urn, and her brother came back – changed.


Shortly after that, in the middle of an electric storm that tore the sky apart, Alex fled first her home and than her planet without even taking the time to pack a kit.


Since than she has wandered the galaxy.  Constantly on the move.  She takes odd jobs whenever they are available, avoids notice whenever possible and has generally disappeared from the connected worlds.  She’s a mildly acceptable jack of all trades but her real skill lies in piloting.  Any ship, anywhere, through anything.  She’d be one of the best there is if it wasn’t for her constant roving that keeps her from developing any real reputation.  Which is really just as well since people that stay around her too long have the nasty tendency of disappearing shortly after she’s moved on.


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