Name: Roger Allen
Sex: male
Age: 35
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 175 pounds
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Background: Roger was born and raised on Beta, a planet in the same
system as Atlantis, which is the home planet of the Alliance.  Beta has
three moons, which are heavily industrialized.  Roger's family owns
several factories on one of the moons, so Roger was raised in money and
privilege.  Roger is the oldest of four children, having a brother and
two sisters.
Roger is very intelligent, graduating high school as an honor student. 
He also played varsity baseball and was the starting left fielder. 
Going right into college, he was drawn to medicine, as he had always
been compassionate to others and enjoyed helping people.  His family's
money and influence enabled him to enter the best university and assured
him a top spot in medical school.  He interned at the main hospital on
Beta, where he also became a resident.
Roger was expected to marry well, have a family of his own, and continue
the affluent Allen lineage.  However, after a few years of hospital
work, he became bored and wanted to see other worlds.  To everyone's
surprise, he joined the Alliance navy.  After his initial training, he
received an officer commission at age thirty.  Roger served on the
Alliance hospital ship, Magellan.  He did not see frontline combat
during the war.
The Magellan eventually had a patrol route out on the Rim, and Roger
became fascinated with life there.  Leading a life of plenty, he was
shocked to see how difficult life was for the Rimmers.  Feeling he
needed to experience that life for himself, he took a leave of absence
from Alliance service, and stayed on Akron for a short time, before
signing on as doctor on the Forlorn Hope, a Firefly class freighter
under Captain Hadrian Marcus.
Personality: Roger enjoys sports, reading, puzzles, and mysteries.  He
is very polite and friendly to everyone, but also values his privacy. 
He's perfectly content to spend an evening talking with people, or off
alone, immersed in one of his hobbies.
Miscellaneous: Roger has kept most of his past hidden from the crew. 
Though he realizes it's obvious he's not from the Rim, and he's faced
mixed reactions for that, he hasn't told anyone he once served in the