Guy Landry - Greg - Hunter / Killer (or ship's cook if you prefer)
Guy Landry - Greg - Hunter / Killer (or ship's cook if you prefer)
Guy Landry is a cross between Jayne Cobb and Crocodile Dundee.  He 
claims to be "Born on the Bayou" of Zig.  In fact, his family had 
settled at the doomed Mobile colony.  He was left behind in the 
hurried evacuation as a storm shattered what remained of Mobile and 
packs of Sharks cleaned up the scraps.  Like the unfortunate 
survivors of Reaver attacks, the child was profoundly changed by the 
experience.  Guy learned from the Swamp Sharks, became like them:  a 
hunter; a relentless, merciless killer.
Rescued after three weeks in the swamp, alone but for the well-fed 
Sharks, Guy became an indentured servant to a farming family on the 
Bear Delta.  He received little education and had no talent for 
farming but was fearless of the Swamp and did high-risk work beyond 
the fences.  He hunted game and eventually hunted the Sharks 
themselves, earning enough bounty money to buy his freedom as a 
As a young man, Guy did transport and trade work along with his 
hunting.  With trade came news of the other worlds, of the War fought 
in the Great Beyond.  It did not greatly effect life on the Bayou, 
though once he did follow the Sharks to a ship sucked halfway into 
the muck.  Guy and a few Good Ole' Boys made salvage of it, and when 
the Alliance came to investigate hired on as guides.  The Alliance 
troops failed to heed their advice, however, and the Sharks did to 
them as they had to the Independents.  The Boys took what the Sharks 
left, and had such a haul they had to go to Town to put it all to use.
Murder and robbery used to be about leaving people to the Sharks and 
coming back for the goods.  Now Guy was big enough and had the Teeth 
to take for himself.  He and his friends fit into bodyguard work, 
arranged some disappearances, and pulled robberies when The Law gave 
them the nod.  But when one of his friends fell from the Constable's 
good graces, Guy knew it was time to move on.  The Sharks had taught 
him how ambition could pull one out of the muck, up to take a big 
bite out of life.  As the surface beckoned to the Breathers, so the 
stars beckoned to Guy.  He would return, he reckoned, the Bayou would 
always be his home.  But he had seen enough to know his fortune was 
Appearance:  Guy is a physically large man.  "It helps to be tall on 
a swamp planet."  He is missing a knuckle of the ring finger on his 
left hand and has a few decent scars including his "love bite" -- a 
nasty dashed ring on his lower right thigh with a tattoo of a Swamp 
Shark in the middle.  His right ear is pierced with a gold stud.  Guy 
has dark hair, a thin moustache and a little soul-patch under his 
lower lip.  Guy's clothing is personalized with Shark teeth and other 
talismans stitched on in prominent places.  He tends to dress in 
light but durable fabrics which dry quickly, and has Sharkskin 
boots.  Guy has a bit of a Cajun accent.
Personality:  Guy has a predatory personality.  He was not raised by 
Sharks, but he learned many life lessons from them.  Guy knows that 
there is no sympathy in nature, that it is only the strong, the 
intelligent, the persistent that survive.  He aims not only to 
survive but to prosper.


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